Faculty and Staff, 2015-2016

2015-2016 Rilke Schule Staff


Dean Ball – Principal

DeanBallFront Office – Room 128 – You can email Herr Ball at Ball_Dean@asdk12.org

Herr Ball comes to the Rilke Schule from A.J. Dimond High School with fifteen years of extensive foreign language experience in German, French, and Spanish. During his tenure at Dimond High School, he served as the World Languages Department Chair, a teacher mentor to both colleagues and University of Alaska, Anchorage student teachers, and has organized numerous exchange programs to Bremen, Germany, and most recently San José, Costa Rica. Herr Ball brings to the Rilke Schule a passion for German culture and language, an enthusiasm for life long learning, as well as a commitment to the implementation of technology. As the Department Chair of World Languages at Dimond, he has experience in budgeting, fund-raising, and program building. Dimond offers five languages and over fifty percent of the student body is enrolled in one or more of those classes.

Herr Ball earned his Masters of Educational Leadership and Master of Arts in Teaching from UAA and his Masters of Education (Counseling) from Boston University. In addition, Herr Ball is an adjunct member of UAA’s German and French Faculty, a member of the AATG (American Association of Teachers of German)/Alaska Chapter, and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. Throughout a given school year, he has striven to involve his students in many extra-curricular activities. At German Camp (Lager Nordlicht), he most often has led sessions on Fußball (an ardent Werder Bremen fan) and helped in skit writing and performing. His service as a judge at the Regional and State Declamation Contest has surpassed sixteen years. He is most proud of his students though, some of whom have taken top honors in the state. As a means by which to encourage his students to continue their study of German, he brings them to German Day at UAA. “Deak”, as those who know him best call him, evidently enjoys being busy. When asked what motivates him, he remarked without hesitation, “It’s all about opening doors to the world for kids by providing them with opportunities to achieve success,… now let’s get down to it!” Better stated, “Auf die Plätze, fertig, los!”

Classroom Teachers

Michael Helgensen (Kindergarten English)

Room 101 – You can email Herr Helgesen at Helgesen_Michael@asdk12.org

Nicole Crawford (Kindergarten German)

Room 102 – You can email Frau Crawford at Crawford_Nicole@asdk12.org

Hannah Bertrand (Kindergarten German)

Room 103 – You can email Frau Bertrand at Bertrand_Hannah@asdk12.org

Jessica Gates (Kindergarten English)

Room 104 – You can email Frau Gates at Gates_Jessica@asdk12.org

Bryan Bearss (First Grade English)

Room 105 – You can email Herr Bearss at Bearss_Bryan@asdk12.org

Judith Keihl-Teekell (First Grade German)

Room 106 – You can email Frau Keihl-Teekell at Keihl-Teekell_Judith@asdk12.org

Heather Tarrant (First and Second Grade German)

Room 107 – You can email Frau Tarrant at Tarrant_Heather@asdk12.org

Tyler Schlagenhauf (First and Second Grade English)

Room 108 – You can email Herr Schlagenhauf at Schlagenhauf_Tyler@asdk12.org

Lynette Brickwell (Second Grade English)

Room 109 – You can email Frau Brickwell at Brickwell_Lynette@asdk12.org

Stefanie Stacey (Second Grade German)

Room 210 – You can email Frau Stacey at Stacey_Stefanie@asdk12.org

Peter Birmanns (Second and Third Grade German)

Room 209 – You can email Herr Birmanns at Birmanns_Peter@asdk12.org

Sheila Green (Second and Third Grade English)

Room 208 – You can email Frau Green at Green_Sheila@asdk12.org

Debra Schwicht (Third Grade English)

Room 207 – You can email Frau Schwicht at Schwicht_Debra@asdk12.org

Catherine Radke (Third Grade German)

Room 206 – You can email Frau Radke at Radke_Catherine@asdk12.org

Lisa Cooper (Third Grade English and German)

Room 205 – You can email Frau Cooper at Cooper_Elizabeth@asdk12.org

Corinne Kubena (Fourth Grade English)

Room 203 – You can email Frau Kubena at Kubena_Corinne@asdk12.org

Claudia Bittlingmaier (Fourth Grade German)

Room 204 – You can email Frau Bittlingmaier at Bittlingmaier_Claudia@asdk12.org

Andrew Thornquist (Fifth Grade German)

Room 201 – You can email Herr Thornquist at Thornquist_Andrew@asdk12.org

BreeAnna Drumm (Fifth Grade English)

Room 202 – You can email Frau Drumm at Drumm_BreeAnna@asdk12.org

Janey Wahlman (Fifth Grade English Sub for Frau Drumm through October 27th)

Room 202 – You can email Frau Wahlman at Wahlman_Jane@asdk12.org

Middle School Staff (Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade)

Tobi Radke (Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade Social Studies and Seventh and Eighth Grade German)

Room 219 – You can email Herr Radke at Radke_Tobias@asdk12.org

Susan Oakley (Seventh and Eighth Grade Language Arts and Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade Math)

Room 218 – You can email Frau Oakley at Oakley_Susan@asdk12.org

Tim Whiteley (Sixth Grade Language Arts and Physical Education)

Room 217 – You can email Herr Whiteley at Whiteley_Timothy@asdk12.org

Sasha Johnson (Sixth Grade German and Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade Science)

Room 220 – You can email Frau Johnson at Johnson_Sasha@asdk12.org


Tim Whiteley (Third through Eighth Grade Physical Education)

Room – 118 You can email Herr Whiteley at Whiteley_Timothy@asdk12.org

Trond Flagstad (Kindergarten through Third Grade Physical Education)

Room 118 – You can email Herr Flagstad at Flagstad_Trond@asdk12.org

Birmanns/Green Third Grade has PE with Herr Flagstad, All other Third Grade classes are with Herr Whitely.

Kevin Downie (Second through Eighth Grade Music, Choir, and Orff Ensemble)

Room 130 – You can email Herr Downie at Downie_Kevin@asdk12.org

Ricky Lind (Kindergarten and First Grade Music)

Room 129A – You can email Herr Lind at Lind_Ricky@asdk12.org

Mary Rannals (Second through Eighth Grade Art)

Room 131 – You can email Frau Collins at Collins_Mary@asdk12.org

Jill Doniere (Kindergarten and First Grade Art)

Room 132 – You can email Frau Doniere at Doniere_Jill@asdk12.org

Céline Maeckelberghe (Middle School French)

Room 217 – You can email Frau Maeckelberghe at Maeckelberghe_Celine@asdk12.org

Theresa Reich (Second through Sixth Grade IGNITE)

Room 132 – You can email Frau Reich at Reich_Theresa@asdk12.org


Jana Sudkamp (SpEd Teacher)

Room 222 – You can email Frau Sudkamp at Sudkamp_Jana@asdk12.org

Related Services

Melinda Greig-Walker (School Psychologist)

Room 127 – You can email Frau Greig-Walker at Greig-Walker_Melinda@asdk12.org

Anna Allen (Speech Services)

Room 221 – You can email Frau Allen at Allen_Anna@asdk12.org

Fadwa Edais (English Language Learner Services)

Room 223 – You can email Frau Edais at Edais_Fadwa@asdk12.org

Teacher Assistants

Amber Brewer

Room 221 – You can email Frau Brewer at Brewer_Amber@asdk12.org

M.J. Younkins

Room 221 – You can email Frau Younkins at Younkins_Mary@asdk12.org

Hilda Martin

You can email Frau Martin at Martin_Hilda@asdk12.org

Christy von Kirchmeyer

You can email Frau Kirchmeyer at von-Kirchmeyer_Christy@asdk12.org

Support Staff

Dana Graham (Administrative Assistant)

Front Office – Room 119 – You can email Frau Graham at Graham_Dana@asdk12.org

Nicole Decker (Secretary)

Front Office – Room 119 – You can email Frau Decker at Decker_Nicole@asdk12.org

Robae Robinson (Nurse)

Room 122A – You can email Frau Robinson at Robinson_Robae@asdk12.org

Jo Sanders (Curriculum Director, Drama Club, and Samstagsschule)

Room 127 – You can email Frau Sanders at FrauSanders@alaskan.com