1. Students will learn to speak German fluently and will have a deep understanding of heritage, cultural norms and customs of German-speaking countries and use German to acquire knowledge not available to them in English.

2.  Community Service – each child will actively be involved in the community to learn that helping others is part of being a responsible world citizen.

3. The school will have a financial plan to assure sustainability.

4.  Students will have pen pals and e-mail pals in German-speaking countries. Regular exchange trips to partner school(s) will be made and the school will host students from the partner school(s).

5.  Every family will be expected to fulfill a volunteer commitment to help the school with various needs. Families will also be involved in joint projects, field trips, festivals, performances, and similar activities.

6.  Traditional holidays and festivals of the German-speaking countries will be celebrated.

7.  The curriculum will meet the Content Standards for Alaskan Schools in all areas.

8.  Performance standards in each subject area will be evaluated regularly in order to ensure continuity and effectiveness.

9.  Students performing below ‘proficient standards’ will be offered tutoring for German and/or English subjects.

10. The school, its faculty and staff will collaborate with other learning entities to enrich the school life.   We will work with ASD German faculty to develop an excellent German high school program to provide our students with an opportunity to continue their advanced German studies beyond 8th grade. We will work with members of the German government, the Goethe Institute and the American Association of Teachers of German to provide pre-service and in-service staff development.

11. Professional development and additional staff training will be emphasized during in-services, as well as on other special occasions.

12. Parents will be continually informed about student progress and school events through: newsletters, website, notes sent home, phone calls or e-mails from teachers, regular and special parent conferences, and the use of student portfolios.

13. Staff will be given the opportunity to improve their German through seminars in German-speaking countries.

14. Upon demand, the school will provide before and after school enrichment programs such as Spanish, Korean, other languages, drama, robotics, chess, choir, sports, and Legos.

15. The school will maintain an active recycling program and will participate in local, national, and international ecological and conservation projects.

16. Classes in German will be offered for parents and other adults who wish to learn German.