Intern Program

Rilke Schule has an active intern program where visiting college students who are studying to be teachers spend time helping at our school. Interns are mainly from Germany.

Interns Needed
Our Intern program is coordinated by the Amity Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building international friendship and cultural understanding through teaching exchange. If you are interested in an Internship at Rilke Schule, please visit their website at

Host Families Needed
Rilke Families who are interested in hosting an intern for 3 months should contact Intern Coordinator Ann Weese at

Intern FAQ

1.   What will my duties be?

You will have the opportunity to visit a variety of different classes and teachers to help you decide which ones you would like to work with.  Typically, interns work with one teacher in the morning and one in the afternoon.  You will help the teacher, observe the class and when you are ready, you will have an opportunity to teach parts of a lesson and eventually a whole lesson.  You will also be asked to help with playground and lunch supervision duties and with the Friday afternoon mini-classes such as soccer, games, art or music from 1:45 – 3:00.

2. The handbook says I will get either a hot lunch at the school or $5.00 per day for lunch.  Which will I get?

Neither. The host families will have a selection of foods available for you to pack your own lunch every day, just as the children in the family do.  There is no lunch available to be purchased at our school, although there are microwaves for adults to heat food.

3. When will I get time off?

Interns only work four days a week and can have off Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. Many interns use this time to visit local high schools or middle schools and observe master teachers of English, history, or whatever subject the intern plans to teach eventually.  Many host families plan weekend activities to show the interns the beauty of Alaska. Our interns also often schedule things to do together on the weekends.

4. Whom will I live with?

Interns live with host families who have children at Rilke Schule.  This makes taking the intern to school and picking them up much easier.  Many of the children like to practice their German with the interns and even a few of the parents are learning German, but the main language of the host families is English. Many families at Rilke Schule share driving duties (carpool) and its usually easy to find rides back and forth if the interns schedule is different from the host families.

5. Will I get to participate in school activities?

Interns will get a chance to accompany children on fieldtrips such as trips to concerts, museums, plays, science trips, camping trips,etc.  Not all interns can go on all trips, but the school will make every effort to ensure that everyone gets to attend at least one trip.  If family transportation allows it, interns are encouraged to participate in after-school clubs.

6. When will I get my pocket money?

The small stipend will be paid in cash at the end of each month.

7. Who will be my contacts at the school?

Anne Weese will be the contact at the school. There will be a meeting held once a week on Thursday to make sure everyone is doing well, to plan schedules, and in general solve any problems which may arise.

If you have more questions about the intern program at Rilke Schule, please send an email to Anne Weese at