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School announcements and events are posted here weekly. Check the details of the events on our Upcoming Events page, which also lists Rilke Schule Verein, Academic Policy Committee meetings and events, and other community events of interest to our Rilke Family.


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For more Upcoming Events visit our Calendar Page.

Also did you know you can set up ASD to email you when there are closures (no school days) or other ASD information?  Just follow this link and sign up for your preferences.


Did you volunteer at Oktoberfest, help in your child’s classroom, host an exchange student or have you attended a Verein, RSI or APC meeting?  Don’t forget to write down your volunteer hours.  Anything you do to support the school counts toward your family volunteer requirement of 4 hours/month.  Please note that the visitor sign in sheet is not used to track volunteer hours.  Please use the index cards in the box at the entrance to the school (near to the visitor sign in sheet).  Use one card per family and file by the last name of the youngest child (you may list all children in the family if you would like).  Please note the date you volunteered, a very brief description of what you did, and the total time for that day rounded to the nearest 15 minutes.  Our families do amazing things for our school and we want to be sure you get credit for your time! . If you have any questions or are interested in learning more ways the school can use your talents, please contact Lori Efird at


Please remember that there are small children you may not be able to see in our parking lot at all different times of the day.  It is imperative to drive slowly in the parking lot and through our pick up lane.  We also ask that you respect the directions the crossing attendants are giving you, not only is it safer, but greatly speeds up the process for all.  Municipality of Anchorage Code states no faster than 15 MPH in ANY parking lot and tickets in School Zones are double fines.

Tardy Policy is in effect for the 2013-2014 School year. If you have not signed and returned a copy of the form to your child’s teacher, please do so as soon as possible.

If you have not yet paid your Student Activity Fee, you will be receiving a reminder soon. Students who do not pay the activity fee may not be able to participate in certain activities. If financial hardship is an issue, please make an appointment with Herr Ball.

Please do not enter the school lobby for child pickup. Teachers are trying to safely lead the children to their proper line-up areas. It is a safety issues if teachers can’t keep track of students during this time. Please wait on the sidewalk or in the cafe area. Thanks!

We welcome parents to gather around the café and chat or commiserate anytime classes are not taking place there. The self service Keurig KaffeeKlatsch will once again be open for your convenience in the café area from 8:10am-3:00pm on school days.  This is on the honor system and you are welcome to pre-pay for several cups.  There will be coffee, tea, hot cocoa & the accessories in place.  The suggested donation is $1.50 per cup, unless you bring your own mug and then it is $1.25 for 12oz (suggested donation).    All proceeds go right back to the school, as with ALL RSV functions. Instead of going drive through, save a few dollars and join us at Rilke!!

When lining up your vehicles for pick up along the side walk, please pull ALL THE WAY forward to the corner of the sidewalk.  As we are no longer using the forward crosswalk, it is perfectly acceptable to have a car there.  This allows for us to get 2 more vehicles into the line.  Also, when waiting in that line and you are anywhere forward of the NEW cross walk, please do not leave your vehicles running.  The fumes are hazardous to the students and staff.

To speed up the Pick-Up process, please place a sign in the passenger window of your vehicle with the grades and names of children you are picking up.  That way no matter who is on the radio, we can insure your children are called down quickly. The drive through is a ONE WAY pattern with no exit through the WEST opening (also known as the entrance) or the row with the active cross walk.

Off Campus after school programs (Arctic, Taekwondo, Etc…) will be picked up from the Lobby.  (This is one more reason to reduce the noise in this area).

If you’ve shopped at Carrs lately or looked at their ads you may have noticed the 10% for Schools logo. But what you might not realize is that Rilke is participating in this program! There are two ways to participate: turn in your Carrs/Safeway cash register receipts to the collection box in your child’s class or go online and register your card at eScrip. Since stores around the country are participating, make sure you pass the information along to family who want to support Rilke. If you have questions, please contact Myrna Jensen at 350-6260 or **More information on all our Box Top/Campbells’Labels/Capri Sun pouch collection programs in the weeks to come!**

The Carpool Map is hanging up in the main lobby at school, sponsored by the Rilke Schule Verein.  If you are interested in this program, add your home location to the map with a numbered push pin, and then fill out an index card with the number of your push pin, name, address, and contact information.  Families can then see at a quick glance who lives nearby and is available to carpool. You can also note how many seats you have available and how many kids you need rides for. File the card in numeric order in the card box. Past participating families, please update your cards as all pins were removed during the summer.

Just a reminder to everyone that the first six slots in the northernmost row are reserved parking spots won by Rilke Parents at the various auctions. Please leave these spots open for them. The very first spot has been donated to any pregnant or newborn family by the Zagorski family.

Make sure you have given an old T-shirt or shirt to your child’s teacher to have on hand for Art class, unless you want that amazing artwork they are creating to also become a permanent part of your childs wardrobe….

Just a friendly reminder about Alaska’s car seat requirements.  We want all of our students arriving safely to school and at home each day!!
AS 28.05.095:  A child “over four years of age but less than eight years of age who is less than 57 inches in height and weighs 20 or more pounds but less than 65 pounds shall be properly secured in a booster seat that is secured by a seat belt system or by another child passenger restraint system that meets or exceeds the standards of the United States Department of Transportation and is used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions;”