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Out of the mouths of Babes….

This is a collection of the funny things kids have said about our school. If your child said something about Rilke Schule that made you chuckle, then please write it up and send it to . Enjoy!


Just wanted to share something my daughter told me this morning…
“Mom you could never home school me, because you don’t know everything”…Hmm, she must think very highly of her teachers at Rilke Schule!


After coming home from the Family Movie Night, our daughter was even more excited about coming to Rilke Schule.  She said, “I’m so happy I get to go to the German Immersion School for Kindergarten.  There’s only one problem.”  We were a bit nervous about her answer, but asked anyway, “And what would that be?”  Her dramatic reply was, “It doesn’t start until FALL!”


When recently reading a story (in English) to my Kindergartener she was quite put off at the end of the book.  She said “That’s it?!  A proper book should sayDas Ende!’



Just recently our family went swimming with some friends.  The summer is quickly drawing to a close and as the other mom and I were discussing the coming school year, my 5 year old swam up.  “Tell Mrs. Brenda what you get to learn at your new school,” I said to him.  He immediately replied, ” I get to learn German — it’s a German Emergency Program.”



My 5 year old has been proudly proclaiming to everyone he meets lately that he will be going to “Rilke Schule  it’s a German School!” However, when anyone responds with “Sprechen Sie Deutsch?” his immediate answer….. Nein!”



In the weeks just before school began, our 6 year old daughter was asking “how much longer until school starts?”  I told her there were only 2 weeks left before school started and asked her if that was good or bad.  She said, “That’s really good because I can’t wait to tell my friends secrets that no else can understand!”



In the third week of first grade at Rilke Schule my daughter asked me, “Why can’t I have German all day long?  I already know English!”



My son, a kindergartener, has been very eager to be at the Schule. A daily question at our house is if he is going to school today. So much so, that when I tell him on a weekend that there is no school today he gets upset and says he is going anyway. By Sunday he asks, “When do I get to go back to school?” I am very glad he enjoys Schule so much. Thanks to all who have a part in this.


While my kids were in the lower 48 for the whole summer, they attended our huge annual Family Reunion. All of the extended family and cousins are beginning to grow up and understand that my kids live in an unusual State, Alaska. So, as family members were arriving for the Reunion, the young cousins were gathering around my kids with great curiosity. They enthusiastically wanted to know if my kids spoke another language in Alaska. I wasn’t sure if they were asking because we live in Alaska or if they had heard that my kids also attend a German Immersion school. Either way it was very cute.



Parent testimonies:

April 2008

Hi Jo

It was such a pleasure to stop in the kindergarten room today and see and hear so many well-behaved children speaking German! They were all quietly working on their math work, with Judith and Renata keeping tabs and helping individuals as needed. I was impressed with their level of focus at 2:20 in the afternoon! Judith has the class management well in hand.

I sat at R.’s table for a few minutes and listened to L. and K. discussing the assignment in German, trying to be sure they were doing it according to the instruction that Judith had just given.  I’m afraid that when I walked in with E. and M. we caused a bit of a distraction and the class was not so focused after that…but I did enjoy so much as nearly every child walked up to me and greeted me in German (they still remember me from the beginning of the year when I was helping out in class sometimes).  Many of them informed me of how many Sprachmeister awards they already had collected, and a few of them talked to me for a little bit on other topics too.  They are all so proud of their efforts and abilities in German, and rightly so.  You and Judith have done wonders with the kindergarten group.

Thanks for your valiant efforts and leadership through it all.

A K-parent



To all the Rilke Schule Teachers, Staff & APC:

This year began with much trepidation and uncertainty for me, but I am very proud to be a part of Rilke Schule.  I apologize if my testimony is so long, but I wanted to share with you my thoughts as the first year of Rilke Schule is coming to an end.

Last August, my husband and I chose to take our boys from a private school setting, to embark on this adventure with your fledgling charter school; to expose our boys to a language that neither I nor my husband have any prior experience, yet is part of my husband’s heritage. We watched and shared in the school’s struggle with normal ‘first year’ challenges, as well as extraordinary obstacles with temporary housing, etc.  And, honestly, we had our [brief] moments of doubt during the rougher times and some uncertainty in our older son’s ability to thrive academically.

As involved as I tried to be, through the parent organization and discussions with staff, I was unable to be in the classroom due to additional work responsibilities this year, so I can’t share classroom experience.  However, my testimony is to the outward demonstration of a successful school year, through what we observe in our children.  My younger son has always enjoyed singing – now it is German songs he sings quietly to himself, or loudly for all to hear.  My boys start chattering in German while we drive around town – often correcting each other about pronunciation :-)    And their proficiency in their English subjects is shown in many ways, including their reading more challenging books (and we can’t get away with spelling out words to avoid them knowing what we are saying!)  :-)

I am so amazed at what they have learned in one year!  For the 2-3 years prior to Rilke Schule, both my boys were in another language immersion program, the younger for 3 days a week, 3 hours each day; the older one only 1 1/5 hours twice a week.  It was a language that I have prior knowledge and experience, so I would use vocabulary and simple sentences at home – but they were reluctant and unmotivated to speak in anything other than English with me.  Now they are throwing German questions, requests and answers at me all the time, and I can’t keep up!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for everything you’ve done to make this school a great place for our kids to grow & learn!  I look forward to working with you in the years to come, in making Rilke Schule the best charter/immersion school Anchorage has to offer.

The boys are very proud to tell everyone they go to Rilke Schule, and so
are we!

A Proud Rilke Schule Parent

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