Check here often for opportunities to volunteer at Rilke Schule. Part of every families commitment to Rilke Schule is providing 4 hours of volunteer time to the school every month or a total of 36 hours a year. There are many ways to fill this need. We realize how busy families are and truly appreciate your contributions to our school. If you would rather make an in-kind contribution in lieu of time, we welcome those as well.  How to log your volunteer hours - The school will track your volunteer hours quarterly and let you know if you have met your commitment. Please use the computer in the lobby to track your volunteer time.  Enter the amount of time you have spent in 15 minute increments, and a very brief description of what you did. See the front desk if you have any questions.

Contributions in lieu of volunteer time - If you are too busy to volunteer your time for the school, you can make a contribution to the school. Please contact Principal Ball or the front desk if you are interested in contributing financially in lieu of volunteer time. Thanks very much!

Thank you Volunteers!

Thank you to Erika Siegal and the team for coordinating Sankt Nikolaus Tag for all of our kids! This tradition is very important to all of us at Rilke, and your time if VERY appreciated! Thank you to all the parent volunteers at the Kinder Market! It has been well received by the students! They are all excited to surprise their families with gifts! As well, thank you to the staff for allowing the kids to come down and shop!

Current Needs

We are looking for a School Store manager, or a team of managers, to come in and fill the store orders left in the envelope and deliver the items to the specified classes. Once we have that person, or people in place, the school store in the lobby can begin business!!  Please contact Frau Amanda @ Marley_Amanda@asdk12.org or Tallee Wellman-Ullom at ssasee@gmail.com

The teachers and RSV are looking for class parents to help the staff and RSV communicate school needs to the whole community.  Ideally if we had one parent per class, then those parents (in same grade) could rotate coming to the monthly meetings to convey needs of the teachers and vice versa.  In the past, Class parents have helped the teachers in the classrooms, as well as helping to communicate with the parents when additional needs arise (ie…Auction baskets or additional art supplies for specific projects).  If you are interested in being your child’s class parent please contact their teacher and Tallee Wellman-Ullom at ssasee@gmail.com.  Any parents volunteering (and attending RSV meetings) for this duty will receive free membership into the RSV allowing you to vote in the annual board elections.

Do you have storage space, or is your child in the Student Council? Herr Strauch has graciously taken on the Legacy Project for Student Council. We will be using two different companies that deal with ink cartridge recycling. For more details please contact Herr Strauch or the Student Council. In the immediate, we need storage for all the sorted ink cartridges that have been stored in Frau Amanda’s house while we waited for this project to launch. If you are able to store all, or some of the ink cartridges, please contact Frau Amanda at marley_amanda@asdk12.org to schedule a swap. Yes, storing items will count toward your hours! Getting the ink cartridges out of her house will be the best gift of all this season!

Rilke families!  We are lucky enough to have several university students from Germany coming to help us at Rilke again this year.  We are looking for host families for both male and female interns.  If you have questions about hosting, or if you would like to be considered for next semester or for the next year, please contact Intern Coordinator Ann Weese at arweese@gci.net.

Our wonderful parent helper in Drama Club, Taron Deeds, will be leaving second semester as her husband is transfered to Guam.  We are looking for another parent who has experience in putting on plays who is willing to volunteer two afternoons a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 – 4:15 to help out.  No pay, but your children can participate free in Drama Club. Some knowledge of German would be helpful but not required. Contact Jo Sanders: frausanders@alaska.com or 345-0203.

Other Volunteer Jobs – Ask if you are interested!

Parent Ambassador -  Help spread the word about Rilke Schule by speaking with prospective interested families, delivering flyers about the school to preschools, and being a parent representative at events outside the school.

Website Assistant– Help with gathering information for the school website. 

Kitchen Fairy – Help keep the kitchen and staff lounge clean and tidy so our staff can work on other things! 

Recycling Program - Help the school run its recycling program. 

Verein Email Newsletter Editor - Help keep the school community informed about events at school by compiling and sending the weekly email newsletter. 

Verein Volunteer Coordinator – Help coordinate volunteer needs and volunteer people with the school. 

Verein Parent Database Keeper– Help organize and keep up to date family info for the Parent Volunteers.

Verein Directory Editor – Help publish the annual school directory. Need computer skills – word processing. 

Verein Baking Guild – Volunteer to provide baked goods at a school or Verein function.

Verein Logo Shop Store Manager – At school sponsored events we often sell items with school logos to raise funds for the Verein. Contact Tallee Wellman at ssasee@gmail.com if you can help with this.

To help with any of these things, please stay tuned to the weekly email newsletter for announcements, check the school website, or send an email to either rilke.schule.verein@gmail.com or info@rilkeschule.org with your ideas and suggestions.